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Centro participante en el Plan de Éxito Educativo y Prevención del Abandono Educativo Temprano, con los Programas Ilusiona-T y Titula-S

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Calendar 2018/2019
calendarioUCLM - Universidad de Castilla la mancha

     Welcome to IES Infante Don Fadrique

There's only one year left for our 50th Anniversary!

Placed in Quintanar de la Orden, town of La Mancha, IES Infante Don Fadrique has been a reference in secondary education throughout its history since its opening, back in 1969, not only in its own town, but in the whole area.

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During all these years, our highschool has collaborated with social and cultural activities in the region, counting on different institutions like the Parents Association, the local government, and several NGOs like Asprodiq, Caritas, Gedeom, Asociación Española contra el Cáncer, Amigos del pueblo Saharaui...

The commitment with our students' education is the main motivation of all the personnel working here : teachers, administration and support staff. Thanks to everybody's effort we managed to create a positive environment full of creativity, solidarity and mutual support that makes everybody learn from each other.

Educational innovation is one of the priorities in our high school, and that's why we have a bilingual language program in English, with up to 7 departments involved in E. S. O., that achieved the excellence level, and which we are extending to two new subjects in bachillerato.

Another feature we must not forget are Extracurricular Activites, which have become a kind of a trademark of our high school, mostly because of the Physical Education department, whose choreographies and performances have been showed all over the region. And, of course, our celebrated music shows, an interdepartmental activity, made with the effort of several teachers and students (sometimes coming from other high schools), and which have been performed at the high school for several years. We are also concerned with educational travel projects, being every department involved, which have taken us to many places in Spain and other countries, like France, with a 14-year-old exchanging program with "lycées" in our neighbour country. This year we are travelling to London with some of our students, in a project that will continue for years to come.

We can finally boast of having students who are very concerned about their education, and we feel very proud of it, even more when we realize that their effort, and ours too, was worthwile, with excellent results in EvAU.

We are really grateful for your visit, and welcome to IES Infante Don Fadrique.